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to the launch of a
new art exhibition called


by Sandra Winkworth & Jo Grant
on Thursday, 4 December 2014 at 5.30 pm.

BIRD BOOKS is a story about birds told through a book-art
installation that celebrates the joy, discovery and
loss of birds in our world.

Exhibition runs until 4 January 2015.

birdbooks - art exhibition
Bird Books artwork by Sandra Winkworth and Jo Grant


Mr Percival!  Mr Percival!


Opening on 25 October 2014 is STORM BOY – COLOURS OF THE COORONG.  This is an exhibition by Lisa Kensit and Helen Toop, of Timboon, and it will run until the end of November.  Stating the obvious, perhaps, but the exhibition has been inspired by the Colin Thiele book of the same name, and reflects their love not only of the book but also of Australia’s natural flora and fauna.


Artworks by Lisa Kensit & Helen Toop

LAUNCH DATE: 8 November 2014.  4.30pm.  All welcome.
This is a great opportunity to meet the artists!

Here’s a lovely article about the artists and the exhibition,
thanks to Bluestone Magazine.

October News

Sorry for the silence! We’ve just had five weeks away overseas – I won’t bore you with the juicy details, suffice to say that it included the Tate Modern, Charing Cross Road, the very hip Atlantis Books, and a LOT of Greek salads ……. BUT while we were away, our shop was in the hands of Helen & Des Bunyon of Customs House Gallery (Hawkesdale).


Helen & Des have returned with their fabulous new Australian Children’s Picture Book Illustration Exhibition and it’s a floor-to-ceiling extravaganza of JOY! Do make sure you get to see it. They’re in residence here until the 19th of October. This means that if you’re here for the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival, be sure to include this on your weekend’s agenda. They also have their Hawkesdale gallery open at the same time, with even more picture book artwork, so really a round trip is called for. Artists included are Ann James, Chris McKimmie, Anna Pignataro, Andrew Joyner, Craig Smith, Chantal Stewart, Sue De Gennaro, Colin Thompson, Kerry Argent, the well-known Shaun Tan, and many more! (When I said extravaganza, I meant extravaganza!)

from "Rules of Summer" by Shaun Tan
from “Rules of Summer” by Shaun Tan



Coming to Blarney Books & Art on 4 October at 4pm is a new performance by Daylesford acting group, Pendulum Productions. Tix are $20/$15 conc. Available at the door.

by Ann Chadwick
Starring: Ann Chadwick, Peppa Sindar

We all feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety is when these anxious feelings don’t subside, when they are ongoing and exist without any particular reason or cause.

High Anxiety is a sometimes serious, sometimes quirky exploration of the things that we fear and how the fear of things that haven’t happened, or might never happen can influence how we live our lives.

In The Date Geraldine worries about what will be expected of her, middle aged and on her first date in 6 years, and in the title piece, High Anxiety, we share in the inner workings of Annette’s mind as she battles the chatter of fearful thoughts when home alone at night.

High Anxiety is a series of vignettes performed by 2 actors with a running time of approximately 60 minutes.

BIBLIO-ART 2014 – People’s Choice

The votes are in!  The public have selected Megan Cheyne’s 3D work, “The Story of Baba” as their favourite in this year’s Biblio-Art competition! Congratulations, Megan! Megan won the Grand Prize in the 2012 Biblio-Art, and her entries in the Biblio-Art competition every year attract a lot of interest! Megan’s sense of humour always carries through in her work.

Baba the Sheep by  Megan Cheyne  (Biblio-Art 2014).
Baba the Sheep by
Megan Cheyne
(Biblio-Art 2014).

She says this of Baba:

“If you go down in the woods today … Baba the sheep runs away from Buttercup farm. He catches up with some friends and they hang out all day long having fun, until night-time. Baba decides to go back home through the woods in the dark where there happens to be a murderous fox sneaking about like Ivan Milat. The fox bludgeons him into unconsciousness, and ties him to a tree, then goes home to heat up the pot to cook him in. The other animals rescue their sheep friend. Baba runs home faster than Usain Bolt, concussed but unaffected.

Small children might have had this book read to them before bed back in the ’50s. I pictured them lying in their beds afterwards, bug-eyed, traumatised and far, far from sleep.

There are pieces of the book in the details on the animals and box, and incorporated in the papier mache process.”

This is the final prize awarded in our annual Biblio-Art competition! Congratulations to all of our winners, and to each artist who entered the competition & exhibition! Another great year, with oodles of surprising, engaging and inspiring entries. We’ll be dismantling the exhibition over August, so if you’re able to come and collect your works, please do so. If you can’t make a weekend visit when we’re open, then please ring and we’ll arrange another time. If your works need posting back to you, that will happen around mid-August.

The next exhibition at Blarney Books & Art will be brought to you by CUSTOMS HOUSE GALLERY (Hawkesdale) with their annual CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK ILLUSTRATION EXHIBITION! Every year, this is a fabulous exhibition and you really don’t want to miss it!


And the winners are:

GRAND PRIZE:  Avril Makula “What Katy Did” (selected by Deborah Klein and Essie Warmuth)

"What Katy Did"  by Avril Makula
“What Katy Did”
by Avril Makula

3D Sculpture Prize:  Anne Marie Hunter ““The Saga of Eyjafjallajӧkull & The Men of Laxdale” (selected by Bluestone Magazine)

'The Saga of Eyjafjallajӧkull & The Men of Laxdale' by Anne-Maree Hunter
‘The Saga of Eyjafjallajӧkull & The Men of Laxdale’ by Anne-Maree Hunter

Storyteller’s Prize:  Helen Fitzhardinge “Out of Sight but in my mind” (selected by Blarney Books & Art)

"Out of sight, but in our minds" by Helen Fitzhardinge
“Out of sight, but in our minds” by Helen Fitzhardinge

Youth Prize:  Pollyanna Guthrie “The Young Homemaker” (selected by Blarney Books & Art)

You can see this one Here.

Junior Encouragement Awards:  Tom & Darcy Lynch for “NUGGETS!”

"Nuggets!" by Tom & Darcy Lynch
“Nuggets!” by Tom & Darcy Lynch

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners, and to all the artists who have entered and contributed such outstanding works to this competition / exhibition!  It’s so much fun, and of course none of it happens without you!

The People’s Choice will be announced at the end of the exhibition.

This exhibition runs through to August, so plenty of time to get in and see it!