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The New Year is looking all Sparkly and Fresh, and New Year resolutions are running strong, so it must be time for BIBLIO-ART 2015! Indeed, the barrow is out and it’s full of dusty old vintage volumes just waiting for artists to carry them off and breathe new life into their old bones! By now you know the drill – come in to the shop, rescue the book that’s calling your name from the barrow, and commit to making your masterpiece inspired by the end of April. If you can’t make it into the shop (and I’ll agree, that’s pretty hard if you live in another state, or country), you are welcome to email us and we can mail you a book selection. Up for grabs is the Biblio-Art 2015 $1500 grand prize, and four smaller prizes of $250 (Storyteller’s Award, Under 18 Award, People’s Choice Award, Random Draw). It’s a non-acquisitive, but all-inclusive competition! Get on board!

The wheelbarrow is full of book selections for Biblio-Art 2015!
The wheelbarrow is full of book selections for Biblio-Art 2015!

Bluestone Magazine have, in a lavish display of largesse, doubled their sponsorship and have morphed their award into a Local Artist Award (value $500) – and seriously, we think this is pretty awesome of them, and important too for our locals to be given an extra dip in the pool. So make sure if you see a Bluestone journo wandering the streets, give them a big hug, buy them a coffee, and best of all, subscribe to their magazine! They are doing wonders for our creative community.




We now have a beautiful quadricycle for hire! Cruise Port Fairy’s streets (and rail trail) in style! More info here.

It doesn't have wings, but doesn't it remind you a little of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
It doesn’t have wings (or a motor), but doesn’t it remind you a little of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Blarney Books & Art turns 10 in January!

We find it almost impossible to believe that Blarney Books & Art has now been up and running for ten years! It’s been an incredible experience for us – moving to a small town where we knew nobody, to ten years later being part of such an extraordinary community! Come and celebrate with us on 9 January at 6pm if you’ve been a part of our journey, or want to be a part of our next ten! Bring a plate and we’ll put on the plonk!!


Award-Winning Photographer, Berit Hampel, comes to Blarney in January!

You are in for a treat over January, if you’re lucky enough to be in Port Fairy for summer. Berit Hampel, of Enchanted Woods Photography, is bringing her equipment and a very special deal to Blarney Books & Art. Every Wednesday through January, she is going to set up camp at Blarney and offer a variety of backgrounds to drop your young treasures (children) into, photographically speaking! These fantasy portraits make exceptional keepsakes, and she is very generously offering a super-special deal on these, for summer only – make haste, and book in!


Creatologist Shelley McDonald presents three arty workshops at Blarney Books in January!

To steal from the Magic School Bus, this is an opportunity to “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy” over Summer in Port Fairy! Shelley McDonald is a vibrant Brisbane artist and her workshops are guaranteed to give you the desire to create MORE! You can see some of her works here.

Click on the image to see a larger version. We will require bookings for these workshops, so please get in quick! Email us at, or phone (and leave a message) on 55682174.



Stay tuned for a date.

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