• Saturday, 13 August, National Bookshop Day, will be the day the final prize, the┬áPeople’s Choice, is announced. We were planning to include all Instagram likes as votes for each piece, but we haven’t managed to get the entire exhibition on yet, so we’ll have to just go with the votes in the box to be fair to all. Meanwhile, we will continue to post the remaining works in the exhibition on Instagram until they’re all there! We have shortlisted the top five for you already:

    Rita Summers, The Making of Mary Mordaunt

    Ian McColl, A Particular Attitude

    Belinda Joynes, On the Trail of Women Warriors

    Madeleine Peters, Narrative Gradient

    Finn Radley, Leaping Through the Pages

    Sunday, 14 August is also the final day for the BiblioArt exhibition.
    The next exhibition will be brought to you by Customs House Gallery (Hawkesdale).