People's Choice Winner!

30 July

The winner of the People’s Choice vote for the 2012 Biblio-Art competition is Neridah McMullin, with her beautiful “Pepino Loves Violetta” – a painting/collage piece which captured the hearts of many of our viewers who made it into the shop!  The book Neridah had chosen was The Small Miracle by Paul Gallico.

This is Neridah’s statement about her piece:

Once there was a boy named Pepino who lived in the mountain town of Assisi. He had no mother and no father. He lived in a stable with his beloved donkey, Violetta. Violetta was everything to Pepino and she was famed for her smile all throughout Umbria.  As man’s beast of burden, history has given donkeys a bad wrap. Only a few know the magic of donkeys. When treated with kindness, they are affectionate and devoted. One day Violetta becomes ill, and nothing seems to help. Pepino is sure that if he can just bring her into the crypt of Saint Francis, who loves all animals, she will get well. He is refused by the lesser clergy.
Never giving up hope, Pepino walks all the way to Rome to ask the Pope for permission. The Pope says “yes” and of course, Violetta goes in the crypt and slowly gets her smile back. The Small Miracle is about believing; never taking no for answer, perseverance and the love a little boy has for his donkey, Violetta.

Pepino Loves Violetta

Pepino Loves Violetta
Acrylic & gouache paper collage mixed media
Neridah McMullin (artist)


  1. Having just been to the region of Umbria in central Italy and the amazing Assissi Basillica and surrounding hillside, this story and artwork is delightful and leaves one wondering about the impact one person can have if they follow their ideas with determination.

    1. Thank you for this response, Meredith! Yes, this artwork really captured the imagination of many – there were two donkeys and both have gone to good homes! Lucky you getting such wonderful travels in!

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