12 June

As selected by legendary artist & printmaker David Frazer and artist & art therapist Amanda Lines, the Grand Prize winner is MEGAN CHEYNE with The Dog with an Attitude Problem.  (***APPLAUSE***)  Her piece was chosen above all the other (oh-so diverse and amazing) pieces because it responded to the book she had chosen with originality, imagination, humour and direct reference.  Megan has entered the Biblio-Art competition each year and every year we’ve greatly enjoyed the humour contained in her pieces.  Megan’s chosen book was Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton.


The Dog with an Attitude Problem by Megan Cheyne

Megan’s statement on her work:  “It is about a boy and his love for his dog. There is no plot to this story; every chapter is about what Shadow got up to that particular day. One day Shadow comes across a small dog with small-dog syndrome that will not go away. Eventually it falls into a pond (probably with a bit of a push) and of course Shadow feels obliged to save it (though I think he might have hesitated for a few seconds).  I like that Shadow is making no eye contact and the small dog full of attitude is eyeballing him while the sheep look on with varied interest.”

In 2011, Megan submitted Mother’s Little Helper (or OUCH!) for the competition, and in 2010 we had Megan’s take on the Modern Girl.  We think you’ll agree that Megan has a style that is bright, bold and refreshingly quirky!

Mother's Little Helper by Megan Cheyne

Mother’s Little Helper by Megan Cheyne












Modern Girl by Megan Cheyne

Modern Girl by Megan Cheyne













Thanks, Megan, for continuing to play a fabulous role in our annual competition and exhibition – we hope you are able to continue on in future years!

Dean and I selected for the Storyteller’s Prize a lovely piece by the talented artist, Anne Wines.  It is called First Lady, and it’s an interesting piece because it’s our first entry using only pressed paper as the medium.  She tells the story with a series of lovely, clean frames which would read quite well without any text at all (it is retelling a blind person’s experience and the raised images become an artistic braille).  Congratulations, Anne!  We hope to have you back again in 2013!


First Lady by Anne Wines


The Mystery Bag Challenge draw was taken out by local artist and wordsmith Paul Burman (you may find his blog and an image of his painting here)!   Congratulations, Paul!

Our awards evening was an enormous success, with over 200 people in attendance, lots of great food (thank you, Fiona at Culinary Spice Addictions) and a really cheerful and vibrant atmosphere!  Special thanks to guest judge, David Frazer, who drove with his family from Castlemaine for our event! There will be a separate blog in the days following on David’s wood engraving workshops he led whilst here on the weekend, and exciting news about a future date with Mr Frazer!  Stay Tuned!  We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, and as long as we’re all enjoying it, we’ll continue!  This exhibition will be up until end of July, so plenty of time to get in to see it!  (Please note: Winter opening hours are Fri, Sat, Sun 11-4.)  If you are keen to be a part of it next year, do make sure you friend Blarney Books & Art on Facebook, and/or send us an email to ensure you’re on our mailing list and stay up to date!

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