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Biblio-Art 2012 Guest Judge Announcement!

Many of you will have heard of this artist.  His website tells you that his work is “about human frailty – wrestling the insecure desire for fame and fortune and the quest for a contented heart”.  His works touch on the fragility and the loneliness that is a part of living.  You might remember his solitary caravans?  Or his isolated, dead trees?  What about his flying man?  We’ve had a print of ‘The Messenger II’ on our wall for many years now, and there’s a quirkiness and a sadness in it that compels you to take a longer look at it.  Even now.

Woe III by David Frazer

He paints, he sculpts, he’s a printmaker.  He focuses on the daily grind of life, the back streets, back yards, the rundown shops, the neglected and forgotten spaces that were once something to someone.  In these things, he finds beauty.

Caravan VII
Caravan VII by David Frazer

So ladies and gentlemen, let’s please give David Frazer a warm welcome to the 2012 Biblio-Art competition!  Here’s a link to his website, so you can peruse his works yourself.

Mr Vertigo
Mr Vertigo by David Frazer

The 9th of June is the night, folks!  So get your babysitters booked in, and come out and join in the fun!  6pm lift off.  Food supplied by the wonderful Culinary Spice Addictions, as usual!  It’s a great chance to meet many other extraordinary artists, and to top it off, lots of prizes!

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