Another Sneak Peek at the Biblio Entries...

28 May

Not long now until lift off of our 2012 Biblio-Art Exhibition!  Saturday week!!!  6pm.  Our storage room is filling up with all sorts of wonderful works… and we just can’t wait to get them on the walls!  If you have yet to get your work in, just give us a call and let us know when we can expect it.  Please don’t freak out and tell yourself it’s too late!

Okay.  Sneak peek.  This one from Shelley McDonald from Brisbane!  Shelley is a good friend of Blarney Books & Art – she’s in fact originally from Port Fairy – and we always love her work – there’s a perpetual joy in whatever it is she makes, a sense of humour, and usually tons of colour!  Last year’s Biblio-Art entry from Shelley attracted a lot of amused attention, and those pieces have become part of a very successful, much larger work!  Congratulations, Shelley!

Here’s “A Dress for Enid”:

A Dress for Enid

A Dress for Enid by Shelley McDonald


Shelley writes this about her piece:

“A dress for Enid” is my tribute to Enid Gilchrist who was a pioneer in childrens clothing designs During the researching phase, when I mentioned the name “Enid Gilchrist”, many women told me that their Mothers dressed them in Enid’s designs….so i wanted to create something that paid homeage to Enid. I created a dress from pattern tissue, brown paper backed onto a shower curtain. I recreated the illustrations from Enids book as well as the textual titles of her designs. The vintage cotton spool and simple timber hanger all served to conjour up a time long past where women didnt purchase ready made patterns, rather they drafted them from Enids designs. Enid passed away in 2007 and was posthumously awarded an OAM. This is my way of celebrating Enid and recognising her contribution to fashion design in a time long passed.

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